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“Rahgir” is a person who does not live in one place but travels around, specially as part of a group; a member of a travelling community. We're passionate about making sure our clients have the best experience possible on every trip we take. Whether you're looking for adrenaline, relaxation, a local adventure, or a foreign trip, we've got something for you.
We make sure our clients feel secure and part of something special, and we hope they find the experience they're looking for. You won't just be able to look back on your trip with fond memories, but you'll also have made lifelong connections with people you've never met, great friendships with strangers, and the "sukoon" that comes with traveling.


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Vishal completed his engineering degree and experienced the much-awaited organized life. He then embarked on a journey of passion to discover life. It is not only the financial success that matters, but also the determination and many other factors.
Vishal's journey, his travelogue, began when he started missing out on the peace of mind that comes with a steady paycheck.
He didn't want to fit in. He didn't want to be forced into a role or tied down to anything. He wanted to make things happen for himself.
In August 2021, he embarked on a journey across Himachal Pradesh in the company of a travel agency, accompanied by a group of indeterminate strangers. As a matter of chance, he crossed paths with a storyteller on the plains of Himalaya.
The next day, he asked the storyteller why he liked to travel so much. The storyteller smiled and said it was because later on, through the medium of poetry, I want to convey to you the beauty of this place.
After returning from his journey, Vishal goes back to his everyday life and work, but before that, he decides to go into the mountains again, this time solo, to find the answer of some unanswered questions.
One morning he went to kee monastery and saw the monks busy with their daily routine. This made Vishal think about something that had been troubling him for a long time. He saw a monk sitting with his cup of tea and smiling. Vishal walked up to him and asked him, "What is the purpose of life?" The monk looked at Vishal and said, "Learn how to relax. Don't take everything so seriously. Life is about learning how to relax."
He pondered over the monk's response as he sat in a cafe in Kalpa, gazing at the captivating sunset over Kinnar Kailash.

Then one day, he decided to go on a trip to Pondicherry with his best friends. Here in Pondicherry, they got to know each other better, sharing their travel dreams, aspirations beyond just eating and having a good time in White town! He knew what he wanted to do, but it had to be done in real life. He wanted to not just travel alone, but share his love of traveling with others, introduce them to the world.
Did I mention that he always say no matter where you’re going, it all comes down to who you’re traveling with.
We accept that the fourth wave of unplanned events took place again in Spiti valley. There are no accidents, remember?
At the same speed at which the dream began, he led the journey and at the end, he realized that there’s nothing else he’d rather be doing and there’s no one he wants to be doing it with. say Spiti has spelled out his divine magic.
This marked the beginning of the creation of Rahgir Travels, a travel community dedicated to providing an environment where individuals can be open and honest with each other, share their vulnerabilities, and overcome obstacles.
The mission of Rahgir Travels is to share the love of travel, the hospitality of strangers that you will meet and love for life.

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Much love to Rahgir


A memorable road trip, I just went to Spiti valley with Rahgir. It was an amazing experience to meet new people who have become my friends now. The moments I have shared with them, the fun I experienced, I cannot express in words.
I especially thanks to our caring, sweet and fun loving trip leader cum friend.
I am looking forward to explore more places and meet new people with Rahgir again.
I highly recommend Rahgir for those who want to travel, and experience something joyful.
Much love to Rahgir.

I am looking forward to many more trips with Rahgir


It was my first solo trip and I'm glad I chose Rahgir Travels"
We went to Goa and it was one hell of an experience! All aspects of the trip were well-organised and our trip leader, made sure everyone was comfortable and provided personal attention to everyone. Thank you to Rahgir for making my first solo trip this memorable I will cherish them forever

Very safe for girls, the young as well.


Travelled with Rahgir last Nov to Rishikesh ! Superb trip ! Very well organized.. everything was timely done..
Their itineraries are also perfection personified - a mix of everything. The bonds created during the group is commendable..
The trip leaders are v experienced, well travelled and know the place perfectly.
Very safe for girls, the young as well. A 5 star for Rahgir ! Cheers to many more trips with Rahgir!